Tuesday, 21 September 2010


My first piece I created for university. We were asked to make a wearable sign portraying an interesting fact/story about ourselves. I created this t-shirt with just a fabric pen, showing my fear of heights! 

Friday, 17 September 2010

Lincoln 05/09/10

A couple of weeks ago I visited some family in Lincoln. It's a strange, beautiful place that possesses two equally impressive faces; on the one hand you have miles upon miles of serenity and natural beauty provided by the infinite crops and fields that  dominate the landscape; the other side shows the bustling urban lifestyle of an ever growing city that possesses a wonderful array of both modern and old buildings.

I thought these two shots portrayed this view well; the abandoned telephone box gathering cobwebs and slowly being overshadowed by the spindling weeds and winding grass and the grand cathedral that completely dominates the horizon for miles on end, never to be overshadowed or disrespected and always full of equally admiral people like myself.