Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Little Sparrow

I've always loved drawing birds, maybe it's due to my  intricate style which I can fully unleash- particularly on the feathers, as I have done here. I love rens, robins and sparrows; all the stereotypical birds you might think of living at the back of your garden.

Today has been a lovely day; clear skies, sun out, warm breeze and the birds singing. For the first time in months, I grabbed my pens and pad and sat on a bench in the garden basking in the glorious sunlight. As I started to draw, two wood pigeons that have lived in the tree I was sitting under for years, started fighting and the sound of flapping wings almost became unbearable until one gave in and flew away. Even wood pigeons are partial to the occasional lovers tiff I thought...

A few minutes later another sound came from behind me. The sound of a wood pecker, but surely not? Sadly, it was merely a yellow tit imitating the elusive bird on a nearby bird house.

As I sat in pure serenity listening to the brilliant array of bird songs, rustling and knocking, a small lady bird landed on my leg. I counted the spots- 12 (which seemed a lot). As I debated whether to draw another dot on its back, making it uneven, it few away. Moments later, a larger black beetle crash landed near my foot. This was followed by a tickling sensation on the back of my neck. As I touched my neck and brought my hand back the money spider was sitting innocently on my finger again. Cute, I thought, but I'm trying to work! I blew it off, though it returned two more times throughout the morning.

As my drawing came to an end, I felt free- one with nature. How long had it been since I had interacted with another creature (one that didn't wear all black and smoke pot)?

For that hour or so, nothing bothered me (even the determined spider won me over in the end). As I sat and stretched in the sun, I felt almost bird like myself; as though I was spreading my wings as I perched on a branch above my head. Nothing mattered, nothing was wrong. There was no downhearted headlines, no stories of murder and tragedy we see every day on TV and in the papers. It was just me sitting on a bench whilst countless animals allowed me to share their world. I prefer that world.

After finishing the drawing, I made four variations. As usual, I couldn't decide which one to use so I've just posted them all... I added text, which I felt was very fitting to my experience.

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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Eastern Hope

These two designs are in dedication to all in Japan. Obviously it was a catastrophic disaster but to the people of Japan's credit, they're showing the strength, hope and will they're renowned for.

Both designs were made completely on Photoshop using a variety of brushes. The text in the first (and second if you spot it) reads Hope or I live in Hope so I was told.

Hopefully, the new problem of a nuclear explosion won't reach that stage. It's been said it will take a decade to rebuild the lives and villages on the East coast. And we complained about the snow...

Saturday, 12 March 2011

A Brighter Yesterday: Sugar Free World

So the Japanese earthquake/ tsunami is the latest catastrophe in what has been a horrible year or so in terms of disaster. Floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, and oil spills have been rather too frequent for our liking recently. Is it climate change or something else? Not sure, but the worlds weather is indeed going a bit crazy.

This thinking made me create this illustration. It shows an Earth like blob melting as the surface is havocked with disaster. Coloured via Photoshop, I used a range of pens to draw it.  I thought about adding a background but felt it was more powerful against the white. As I feel this disaster is an accumulation of our ignorance towards the planet over the last two or three decades, I've decided to also add this post to my 'A Brighter Yesterday' mini series, documenting the changes towards society and the environment over the last few decades.

Read full post to see original sketch.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

A Brighter Yesterday: Ghetto Blast Me

Again, this post relates to the pet hates issue I stated a few days ago (see below post). This time I suppose my 'pet hate' is 2011- or today's world/ society. Obviously, life and technology is a lot more advanced than say 20 or even 10 years ago, but wouldn't it be nice to simplify things a little more, i.e., travel back to a time where technology was still there but didn't rule our lives. No annoying iPods on buses, no kids glued to their phones.

With that in mind, I've been thinking just where would I turn the clock back to? As stated, a place where technology was still present and developing but wasn't at the ridiculous level it is today where people rely on it. Therefore, I would choose the 80's. It's a decade I've always wanted to experience; the crazy clothes, the music, the art and the rules of society. How could I draw that though? What would represent the 80's to me? Then I remembered an old Boombox which I used to listen to as a kid from the 80's. This most definitely says 1980's to me whenever I think of that era. Even the meaning of the Ghetto Blaster is something I admire- the freedom to express our likes and dislikes, tastes and beliefs with others. As a result, the kid across the street could subsequently switch his on and you'd get a feel of that person- his interests and personality.

The idea of producing more illustrations of the same ilk is still lurking, as well as the idea of turning them into a mini series focusing on how hectic 2011 is compared to even 10 years ago, such is the rate of technology and society.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

A Brighter Yesterday: Flee The City

You may know I have also been writing for another blog I made recently, as it allows me to delve into other topics. One of those topics was pet hates or little things that annoy you. This piece sort of ties in with that and the Silence is Deafening post. I said I'd like nothing more to transport myself to the middle of nowhere with just a pad and some pens; sometimes it can be really hard to concentrate while cars constantly drive past or that 31 carriage coal train (I counted one day).

This piece sort of sums up that theory I suppose. P.S. I finally bought a new pack of pens after much searching and it felt so good to draw again. Maybe I'll do more and turn this into a mini series about how modern life has changed for the worse in certain aspects (well it wouldn't be as exciting if I focused on the positive stuff!). Edit: Done, named A Brighter Yesterday.

The text was done on Photoshop as my real life paint brush decided to finally call it a day. I did create another version as well showing a slight change to the text as you can see below.