Friday, 28 September 2012

The Soma™ Effect

Alas, the cure for all your problems! Coming in 632 A.F., this wonder drug provides a hangover free holiday and relieves you of all your troubles and woe! Made with the latest advancements in modern age science, this revolutionary tablet will change the way humanity thinks, feels, acts and ultimately grows; giving not only our generation but future generations a monumental leap in evolution terms. So don't delay, you can pre-order this litle miracle right now, we garauntee you won't be disappointed and will be left scratching your head as to how you ever lived without it!*

*Be sure to ask your local GP for the nearest stockist and remember... Utopia is only a Soma away!


I decided to revive my interest in a book I have covered a lot in the past; Brave New World. I remember the concept of a certain tablet that took one to a place where they had no worries or aggro. This, of course, is the Soma tablet. I used a mixture of pen and Photoshop. P.S. 632 A.F. is the year in which the book is set, I haven't been popping my own Soma tablets!