Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The Timekeeper

Where does our time go these days? Life today is so hectic it's rare we even get an hour or two to ourselves to just relax. It takes me over a month to read a book these days, where I use to whiz through one in a few days. What happens to our ideas? It seems there isn't enough time to ever actually put our plans and ideas in to actions and they forever remain just that; ideas.

I wanted to make an illustration about this and for some reason kept getting this disturbing image of a blob like monster ruthlessly chewing up any potential ideas along with the time of day needed to execute them. So that's what I drew, making a second (lighter) version, too.

Note: I am aware the 5th of November has long passed, I'm just having an issue with uploading the original background! Will defeat the problem soon I promise! Take care everyone, have a fun week!