About Me


Jamie Davies // Liverpool, UK.
I am currently in my 3rd year of college and working towards a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design. I would class myself as part Illustrator, part Graphic Designer, part Photographer. Ever since I can remember I have drawn. On anything. The majority of the time I had only my thoughts and a standard HB pencil. I would empty my head on to a desk, a chair, a ruler or even the margin on a sheet of writing paper- basically anything that had drawing space was duly scribbled upon. If you look through all my old sketchbooks and work books they are packed with little doodles spread across the page often with a scribbly note and arrow in red ink saying 'Stop This!' But I just can't bear to keep an idea inside, I just have to publish it... even if it means destroying your last piece of homework or graffiti-ing a ruler in the process. Ultimately, this blog will show a record of past projects and thoughts including illustrations, rough plans and photographs. Comments are welcome in any case :)