Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Earth is bad.

Inspired by typography I seen on an advert, I made this text based piece that simply reads 'THE WORLD IS BAD'. How bad? Very bad. But then I know you don't need a middle class, curly haired 20 year old informing you to suddenly realize what an utterly depressing world we live in at times. If you're not from the UK, it's probable you didn't hear about a recent story that broke a few days ago over here in the UK. Without trying to think about it too much and definitely trying not to describe the situation in too much detail, five people were arrested over crimes against children, I won't say much more.

An utterly disgraceful sentence was handed out to these vile things, which left smoke pouring out of my ears. Hence the design I came up with, simple yet bold- almost military poster like in it's colour scheme and simplicity.

Joke of a country, and although every country has it's horrors, the sooner I emigrate to Australia for a life of Great White's, BBQ's and Sheila's the better :)