Monday, 11 July 2011

Just Right

No alarms, just quiet.
No horns, just birds.
No traffic, just waves.
No rushing, just relaxing.
No never ending motorways, just never ending currents of tranquility.
No wrong, just right.

Inspired by my last drawing, I produced this. This image is the ultimate depiction of true tranquility and easy living (in my mind anyway). Usually I may add little snippets of colour but I felt this just worked better as it is. No editing at all has been done, only the positioning of the boat. No contrast etc., just left as authentic as possible. 

Hope you like :)

(Sketch only version inside post)

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Little Boat Hilda

I drew this using both my left and right hand, alternating between hands every minute or so. The idea came from a design I have on a t-shirt as well as  my own personal memories of Cornwall, where wise fisherman are in abundance.

As I started drawing I could hear the waves gently beat the rickety vessel, creaks and groans emanating from the old girl as she gently rocked a midst the calm summer tide off the coast of Looe.

Working from memory, I drew swiftly, finishing the drawing in around ten minutes. I later added colour through Photoshop. I have added the original sketch inside the post.