Wednesday, 28 April 2010

... you're sure of a big surprise!

Part 2 of If you go into the woods today...

As I finally have a bit of time to spare, I thought I'd upload the other two cutouts I produced. The first image in particular I feel was a success- directly influenced by Rob Ryan as it is more intricate and delicate than my previous three.

Yesterday I started producing my photograms. Out of eight, I'd say two were a success. Today I look to make contact prints from these as well as experimenting with new techniques. Hopefully I'll upload soon!

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Knock Knock...

These are some photos I took in the darkroom with Natalie Bengochea. These are mere experiments and are admittedly not outstanding but still play a part in my project. Here I tried to create a modern day scene showing a mysterious lady (the witch) slowly open the door to inspect her visitors. You can imagine the children's delight when they finally stumble upon an old gingerbread house wooden shack after walking in complete darkness for hours on end. Hungry, tired and gullible, they enter...

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Blessed God, How Beautiful It Sings ♪

Just some experiments combining my ink pieces (which I will upload soon) and text- some colourful, some not so colourful.

I enjoyed making these pieces, but on reflection have found they are not as suitable as my cutouts (see below post). Click Read More to view the other three variations...

If you go in to the woods today...

Following a talk with my tutor, I decided to narrow my project down by focusing on a single tale rather than a mish mash of unrelated stories. The tale I have chosen is of course Hansel and Gretel. I felt this story lent itself to photography more than any other and I feel this aspect will be important in my work to add some diversity and an added medium. This will also allow me to put a modern spin on the tale, making it more personal and unique.

I have recently been looking at Kara Walker and intend to research Rob Ryan who are influential figures in the art world by using cutouts to make pieces representing all sorts of modern day issues. These two pieces are directly influenced by both these artists and is completely new to me, though I must admit I have thoroughly enjoyed creating them.

As I type, I am currently working on my third design and hope to finish it by tomorrow with a view to completing at least another one after that. Next week I plan to create some photograms from the cutouts I have made...

Saturday, 17 April 2010

London 2010

So London has been and gone. I must say, I expected quality before beforehand in relation to the galleries etc., but was completely in awe of some of the work I saw. The TATE Modern in particular impressed me more than I could ever think a gallery would; every floor possessed at least one piece of memorising quality or renowned status. 

Others galleries and museums we visited included the TATE Britain, the Serpentine Gallery, British Museum, Science Museum, the V&A Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery. 

Unfortunately, I packed my camera without taking a memory card, making it useless. I did, however, manage to get a few snaps on my phone as you can see above... 

The sheer size of the city surprised me and I would have loved to have just two more nights there in order to do everything I wished. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and thanks to the places we went and the people I shared it with it was a trip I'll never forget!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The Snowman and his greatest pleasure ☾

As I continued reading Hans Christian Andersen's book, I found The Snowman tale very intriguing. It is a wonderful tale of companionship and sorrow, as the character eventually melts and breaks apart. One of the Snowman's greatest pleasures in its short life, however, was gazing upon the moon with his only friend; the family dog.

This scene shows the two sharing the Snowman's favourite moment before he vanishes forever. After the success of the Nightingale sketch on brown paper, I decided to try it again. Afterwards, I again applied a number of filters on Photoshop- Fresco being my personal favourite. (To view, click Read More).

Friday, 2 April 2010

The Nightingale ♪

Blue Version


Neon Glow

Poster Edges

Since discovering such grim facts and historical references to modern fairy tales, I have been researching lighter stories written by Hans Christian Andersen. I love his style of writing; simple yet gripping as it makes you want to read on.

Whilst reading his book last night, I came across a story called 'The Nightingale' in which a small bird spreads joy and hope over a forest in China to whoever has the privelege to hear it sing. Sitting on its branch it effortlessly chirps its song filling the small community with sheer joy and happiness.

Anyway, as it turns out, I forgot my door key today and was left sitting in the conservatory for a good two hours unable to do anything. I noticed a box on the floor and after rummaging through it I discovered an old brown paper pad I bought last year and had misplaced. As usual I had a pen in my pocket (it's just habit) and decided to portray the tale I had read the night before. Afterwards, I decided it was too ordinary and therefore added text. Later on, I edited it through Photoshop- adding various Hues and filters to see the outcome. I am glad to say I think each one possess a unique quality!