Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The Snowman and his greatest pleasure ☾

As I continued reading Hans Christian Andersen's book, I found The Snowman tale very intriguing. It is a wonderful tale of companionship and sorrow, as the character eventually melts and breaks apart. One of the Snowman's greatest pleasures in its short life, however, was gazing upon the moon with his only friend; the family dog.

This scene shows the two sharing the Snowman's favourite moment before he vanishes forever. After the success of the Nightingale sketch on brown paper, I decided to try it again. Afterwards, I again applied a number of filters on Photoshop- Fresco being my personal favourite. (To view, click Read More).


Neon Glow



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  1. wonderful made ... and I like the "original" most.


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