Thursday, 22 April 2010

If you go in to the woods today...

Following a talk with my tutor, I decided to narrow my project down by focusing on a single tale rather than a mish mash of unrelated stories. The tale I have chosen is of course Hansel and Gretel. I felt this story lent itself to photography more than any other and I feel this aspect will be important in my work to add some diversity and an added medium. This will also allow me to put a modern spin on the tale, making it more personal and unique.

I have recently been looking at Kara Walker and intend to research Rob Ryan who are influential figures in the art world by using cutouts to make pieces representing all sorts of modern day issues. These two pieces are directly influenced by both these artists and is completely new to me, though I must admit I have thoroughly enjoyed creating them.

As I type, I am currently working on my third design and hope to finish it by tomorrow with a view to completing at least another one after that. Next week I plan to create some photograms from the cutouts I have made...

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  1. I love that last one!
    what you thinking of doing with them?


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