Wednesday, 28 April 2010

... you're sure of a big surprise!

Part 2 of If you go into the woods today...

As I finally have a bit of time to spare, I thought I'd upload the other two cutouts I produced. The first image in particular I feel was a success- directly influenced by Rob Ryan as it is more intricate and delicate than my previous three.

Yesterday I started producing my photograms. Out of eight, I'd say two were a success. Today I look to make contact prints from these as well as experimenting with new techniques. Hopefully I'll upload soon!


  1. love the shillhouetted cutouts jamie, reminds me off that animation we seen in the 'Afro' exhibition'........

  2. Great work Jamie - the first one is my fave especially with the roots, grass and "help", I have no idea how you manage to get so much detail out of cutouts!


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