Friday, 18 December 2009

Definitive Danglings

After creating the mind map, shown in the post below, I decided to experiment further with the design and see if I could perhaps implement it as a CD cover. Therefore, I created this design on Photoshop and made 4 variations of it (top being the first design, bottom being the newest). At the minute I'm thinking of going with the last one, but I keep changing my mind! Which one should I go for?

Click on image to enlarge //


  1. right bottom is for me the best ... BUT if I would the boss of the cd label :-) ... I would take the mind map ...

  2. Ah, sorry Manfred, I also meant the bottom right, seems the images came out in a different order! Glad you agree anyway, thank you!

  3. oh I have to agree ,,,,right bottom is my favorite...what a clever it!!

    Great to meet you!!!

  4. Thanks Diana, thank you for your comment! Lovely to meet you too :)

    Btw, I shall vote for you and your snowmen when I get the chance! :)


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