Saturday, 23 January 2010

Perfection. Boxed.

A fresh design edited with Photoshop. Contains all 5 stages the design went through, creating 4 variations, before reaching the final design...

1/ Original illustration. Drawn with pen & ink.

2/ Colour added via Photoshop. I used a quite futuristic colour palette, as I have done right through the project.

3/ As you can see, I then added some additional detail to the cardboard box. This done by simply applying different brushes to the surface, It also gives the piece a dirtier look, symbolising the book's environment.

4/ After this, I added other small details, such as some lighting effects on the text as well as giving it a darker background, allowing the design to stand out even more.

5/Finally, I simply made the design smaller, giving it space and room to breathe, giving it further effect.

So, there it is, hope you like the end product!
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