Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Final Major Project: The Beginnings

So the Final Major Project has finally begun and I've spent the last two days researching heavily into fairy tales and their history/origins. What I found what shocking to say the least; tales of abuse, rape, murder and other horrific acts that proved the foundation for such modern fairy (and I emphasise the word fairy) tales today, such as Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and The Piped Piper.

I have kept recored of all these tales and their previous storylines in a diary, making the odd sketch along the way. This one depicts the scenario where Hansel and Gretel discover the witch's old gingerbread house. As I say, they are only diary sketches and therefore aren't as detailed or as full as what my sketchbook work will look like but I thought it worth a post anyway!
EDIT: You might of noticed my blog looks 'simpler', this is due to problems loading images etc with the old template. Therefore, I've stripped it down again so it loads a lot faster.


  1. very fine ... you show how small Hänsel and Gretel are ...
    I havent read "Märchen" (fairy tales) to my son as he was a little child.

    The horror had a sense, the people in the past told with "Märchen" what is ok or what is not ok to children (dont go alone in the woods ... ).

  2. Thanks Manfred, I agree they are pretty gruesome.

  3. If you need any advice or to source any tales I have a pretty good collection of unusual Fairy tales Jamie. Good luck. Graham

  4. Thanks Graham, I'll take a look at it when we get back!


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