Sunday, 31 October 2010

Alone in the Dark

As I haven't posted anything 'halloween-y', I took this shot a few hours ago for my blog. I went to Sefton Park where a (brilliant) lantern festival was taking place. This particular park is very big and I find it hard enough to navigate in broad daylight so when I found myself lost taking a short cut over some stepping stones in a river and in to the heart of a pitch black wood I genuinely felt slightly scared. The sound of distant voices in complete darkness is very eerie. My only light source was my mobile phone which gave me just enough light to see what I was standing on... any lurking creatures behind remained hidden *cue scary piano*

As I slowly stepped my way through the wood one stride at a time I couldn't help but think of a scene from Salem's Lot which I am currently reading. With that I decided I'd had enough fun for one night and quickened my pace until I seen someone, then another person, then another...

I love horror and Halloween is definitely my favourite date of the year! Hope you all had a scary one, and if anyone has read Salem's Lot, make sure all your windows are well and truly locked!

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