Thursday, 28 October 2010

On the Eighth Day, Jim bought some carrots and a six pack of Carling for under a Tenner



There’s an old grocery store in Bold Street, Liverpool. It’s been there for a number of generations and is a family built and run business that is well known for it’s quality produce, a rare oasis of fresh and natural fruit and veg that hasn’t come from some un-pronounceable country. It’s just closed. Why? Because Terry Leahy has just opened a SEVENTH Tesco store in the City Centre… Bold Street in fact… facing the old fruit stall. In just two years I’ve seen first hand each supermarket take the place of an old friend almost overnight (the Tescolution as I call it). One of the supermarkets is big enough to provide half the city with food, towering over any other shops. According to the Liverpool Echo,  work has started on an even bigger store ten minutes away. Anyway, that’s my rant of the day over!


About the pieces; The main image was created last through photoshop; the second is the original illustration; the third being modified slightly just to make sure you know they’re there to stay with their nice big colourful logo. I chose to show a converted church as it shows the mind set of todays companies such as Tesco. Local Gem stooped in history and tradition? Sounds perfect, at least it gets people talking and as most people are familiar with the location because of the previous building that now makes up part of someone’s garden wall, interest is one thing guaranteed. Nothing against Tesco but do we need seven stores in the city centre? Crazy. At least ASDA (Wal-Mart) don’t stuff their brand in your face, you may find one store for every  five/six districts. I added the Bud logo to the sign merely to represent consumerism at it’s ugly best. The first image I added a tranquil country scene to portray their ruthlessness in their plans; location or history don’t matter as long as them nickel Queen’s heads keep rolling in. Be sure to take note of the logo if it seems un-familiar, I’m sure you’ll know it inside out sooner than you think. I really enjoyed drawing it by the way, shame about the meaning…

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