Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The Fab Four on my Door (step)

Apologies for my absence, been through a lot in the past month and simply haven't had time for anything else. As the situation improves, however, my spirits are slowly lifting and yesterday I took a trip into the city to visit the Fab Four Store. It's been a while since I went in and I duly spent about an hour inside looking at every single item present. I bought another Beatles poster and on the way out spotted a brilliant T-shirt which I invested in as well :)

This is the tag from that T-shirt and I thought the simplicity of it was so effective and recognisable the least I could do was take a photo. I feel so privileged to come from the city 'where it all began' and able to visit such great places which stand on my doorstep. P.S. I recommend any Beatles fans to visit the shop in question, it's a great place and contains some real one off memorabilia.

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