Monday, 14 June 2010

The Observer

I found this shot on my camera yesterday and decided to give it some life. Ironically, I had also come across an article portraying Liverpool's past the same week which gave a brief history on the Liver Birds. Unknown to myself, there are actually four (cormorants?) Liver Birds throughout the city; the two iconic marvels as well as one perched on top of the Mersey Chambers office. The fourth -a small stone version- was originally on top of the original St John's Market building until 1964 when it was demolished- it now resides in the Liverpool Maritime Museum.

Legend has it that the male (as pictured) watches over the city and the people in it while the female looks over the sea waiting for the seamen to return and if they were to ever turn around, mate or fly away the city of Liverpool would cease to exist...


  1. i love how central the liver bird is in the this image, it really does appear that it is looking down over Liverpool :) makes me want to get my cameras out and start taking more pictures!

  2. Nice legend that Jamie. Never heard it before.

  3. very fine image !!!


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