Friday, 4 June 2010

Vintage: Lara Croft

The previous posts showing my Capital of Culture project got me thinking about other past work I have created. Therefore, I searched my pictures saved to the hard drive in the hope to find some nostalgic material I had saved from extinction. Now that college has finished, I thought why not and so when I found this the memories immediately started flooding back. I remember, about 3 or 4 years ago, drawing Lara Croft from a battered copy of a Tomb Raider comic I had bought. I remember drawing it on an A3 sheet in pencil and trying to scan it into an A4 scanner (hence the missing toecap!), having to resort to scanning the drawing twice- the top half and bottom half. I then connected the two best as I could on Photoshop; this being the result. I still plan on adding colour to it at some point...


  1. ....speechless! :O

    I wouldn't mind having a go at colouring this myself too for some tone practice, some frigging awesome line art you've done there well done!! :D

  2. Haha cheers Lis and be my guest, It would be cool if you added colour, you're way better at that kinda stuff than me haha.

    Thanks, it's strange; I don't use pencil that much anymore , mostly pen. I'm thinking about making a new sketch, but which character? There's way too many haha ;P

  3. Haha yeah there are loads of awesome characters you could pick from. If you're interested in comic books or character designs there's a really good magazine in WHsmiths called ImagineFX (you can google it too :P) it's aimed mostly at photoshop work and it's packed with tutorials etc so it could be right up your street if you enjoy this kind of stuff ;)


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