Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Addicted Britain

Britain has been celebrity obsessed for years now but I'm afraid I've had enough now. I can't even look for a photography magazine in a super market anymore without shoveling my way through endless hoards of red, pink and white celebrity magazines, all trying to out sell eachother by offering various snippets of Cheryl Cole's life. 'Woman of the Year' she was awarded. Now I've got nothing against her and she didn't ask for all of it (did she?) but surely there are mothers worldwide who can barely feed themselves, never mind their kids, are sick with disease and homeless- yet they still do their best. What have people like Cheryl Cole and Katie Price done to get the god like status they have amongst some people? One (or both) can't sing, has mimed on a talent show, on which she judges better singers than herself whilst the other gets her boobs out and claims she's a business woman.

I just find it sad that people are genuinely interested what Katie and Alex are up to this week. Who gives a fuck? Maybe if we worried about ourselves more this country might be a little more respectable. Camping outside Waterstones to buy a book describing how Katie Price has had a harder life than everyone else or how Paris Hilton earned her millions- nothing to do with her last name or the classy video she made. It's been the same old tireless shit for years yet people still feel the need to worship these over egotistical nobodies.

On a lighter note, I made this to portray my feelings towards the current situation :)


  1. l gree with you..hate all these mags! love your page!lynda

  2. I couldn't agree more with this post, very nicely put! What makes me laugh with celebrities is their complete and utter fakeness and how magazines seem to promote this, Cheryl Cole done that advert for shampoo or something - when the hair she has on the advert is actually not her own - it's extensions belonging to a teenage Russian girls head!! Argh it drives me mental that teenagers these days look up to people like this as role models...


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