Wednesday, 21 July 2010

A Bottle Of Love ☮ ✌

Inspired by The Beatles and their global message of Peace and Love, I thought to myself 'Wouldn't it be good if a glass of Love could cure all the anger and hatred in the world'. And so, my design was born... Lately the whole planet seems riddled with normal people turned crazed gunmen all because they've had a bad day. They could all do with a bottle of Love in my opinion!

Read More to see the original sketch.

Original Sketch:


  1. great work and great idea, fantastic, well done :)

  2. Nice one Nat, appreciate it :) Btw, hurry up and get more pics up and make your blog commentable! :P

    Nice one lad :)

  3. Dude! i dont know how to fix my blog its died on me :(, if you what to work some magic on it, ill swing yah me pass? :D

  4. great one ... like your little things which you bring in every art ...

  5. Go on then kid, sends ya p/w. You want a new template or keeping it?

    Thank You :)


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