Monday, 30 August 2010


Yesterday I got a letter from my bank saying that I had gone in to my overdraft by £6 and for each day I didn't rectify it I would be charged a further £6. Before I knew it I owed £30. Without sounding over dramatic or suicidal, life's shit when you're all grown up.

It got me thinking about the good old days as a kid around 8 years old. I was either playing on my SEGA Mega Drive on my dodgy telly or out all day playing football, making dens or climbing trees... and that was it; my life as an 8 year old summed up in that one sentence. The only stress that came my way was choosing what sweets to have in my 50p mix. What I'd give to be in 1998 again... maybe I didn't realize it at the time but, fuck, life was good.

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