Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Eastern Hope

These two designs are in dedication to all in Japan. Obviously it was a catastrophic disaster but to the people of Japan's credit, they're showing the strength, hope and will they're renowned for.

Both designs were made completely on Photoshop using a variety of brushes. The text in the first (and second if you spot it) reads Hope or I live in Hope so I was told.

Hopefully, the new problem of a nuclear explosion won't reach that stage. It's been said it will take a decade to rebuild the lives and villages on the East coast. And we complained about the snow...


  1. love these. It's really weird actually, today I was in the library and found a book with all these propaganda posters of Mao's red sun. This works kind of reminiscent of that. You're really talented!

  2. Really? I'm sure you'd agree that that style of art has a unique quality like no other; everything just flows together harmoniously. Thanks a lot Sy, that means a lot! :)

  3. I really mean it, you're work is amazing! I actually wanted to do my BA in Illustration at LCC, but ended up at Goldsmiths (where I still spend more time doodling in books instead of reading them.)

    Your photos are really cool too. I think I might switch to using a proper camera if/ when my w8ooi dies on me, my sister uses an SLR you can really see the difference: http://scarfgirl1.blogspot.com/

  4. Thanks again :) No way, that would be great. This is a great city for photography. Haha I did the same!

    Cheers, I have a Nikon D60. Entry level DSLR but enough for me, you should be able to get that (or the D40) for relatively cheap.

    Wow,she's good! Yeah, the focus looks impressive (try http://picnik.com and go through the various effects; it's free, what I use on most my shots). Although you seem to produce top quality shots every time from your phone!

  5. Great ... I prefer the first one !!!

  6. Theres something to be said for simplicity ;-)


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