Saturday, 12 March 2011

A Brighter Yesterday: Sugar Free World

So the Japanese earthquake/ tsunami is the latest catastrophe in what has been a horrible year or so in terms of disaster. Floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, and oil spills have been rather too frequent for our liking recently. Is it climate change or something else? Not sure, but the worlds weather is indeed going a bit crazy.

This thinking made me create this illustration. It shows an Earth like blob melting as the surface is havocked with disaster. Coloured via Photoshop, I used a range of pens to draw it.  I thought about adding a background but felt it was more powerful against the white. As I feel this disaster is an accumulation of our ignorance towards the planet over the last two or three decades, I've decided to also add this post to my 'A Brighter Yesterday' mini series, documenting the changes towards society and the environment over the last few decades.

Read full post to see original sketch.

This is the original sketch I made before editing it through Photoshop.

As you may guess, I feel very strongly about climate change and the environment. For more, check out my latest article on the current state of our planet and the possible reasons behind this, and other, disasters here.


  1. the world does seem like an increasingly precarious place to be

    love your work

  2. Thanks Sy, appreciate it.

    Love your work too, keep it up!


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