Wednesday, 2 March 2011

A Brighter Yesterday: Flee The City

You may know I have also been writing for another blog I made recently, as it allows me to delve into other topics. One of those topics was pet hates or little things that annoy you. This piece sort of ties in with that and the Silence is Deafening post. I said I'd like nothing more to transport myself to the middle of nowhere with just a pad and some pens; sometimes it can be really hard to concentrate while cars constantly drive past or that 31 carriage coal train (I counted one day).

This piece sort of sums up that theory I suppose. P.S. I finally bought a new pack of pens after much searching and it felt so good to draw again. Maybe I'll do more and turn this into a mini series about how modern life has changed for the worse in certain aspects (well it wouldn't be as exciting if I focused on the positive stuff!). Edit: Done, named A Brighter Yesterday.

The text was done on Photoshop as my real life paint brush decided to finally call it a day. I did create another version as well showing a slight change to the text as you can see below.

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