Sunday, 8 May 2011

Basic or Dingbat?

Fonts are great- they can give your piece a select mood or atmosphere. But do they represent us as people? For example, I've noticed, as most probably do, that I always end up choosing between two or three of the same fonts when making a  design. These usually consist of such fonts as; Blue Highway, Dotum and Designer Notes.

All three are different styles, though I base the majority of my work on at least one of these styles. Dotum is a simple font but gives the piece a professional and elegant look; a look I try to incorporate it in to my graphic design work mostly. Designer Notes has a more organic free hand style, which is bar my most favourite style and way of working. I also find it a great substitute if my own lettering doesn't quite fit. I've always loved this authentic style as it gives my art more character than a basic Helvetica or even Dotum. Blue Highway sort of sits in the middle. I may include it in illustrations if suitable and may well include it in graphic design- a sort of versatile font that can always be called upon. Basically, my favourite fonts represent my 3 main artistic styles, you may find yours do too?

About the illustration; I started this a while back but never got round to completing it. This font = artist idea born the idea, though I felt free hand text worked better with the picture frame etc. After completing the initial illustration, something still felt missing. I wanted a background that wasn't too overpowering so added the pale blue. I finished it off by adding a slightly darker shade to the left, complete with an ink trail to complete the freestyle look.


  1. You haven't posted for so long, I was beginning to worry!

  2. Haha, proper made up you still read my blog! :D Don't worry, got loads of ideas, just not enough time! Have a few more things up soon, promise.

    Get on you and your photos anyway, looking good friend! P.S. Use twitter more so I can speak to you!!


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