Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Step Away From The Chicken Leg...

Another week, another program on Channel 4 about the growing number of kids that are obese. Cue shots of the little (or very big) blighters gleefully munching on a family bucket from KFC whilst slumped in front of the tele watching The Cube or Deal or No Deal.

I watched as the kids shoveled chips, pizzas and burgers down and then confessed how sad it makes them feel being fat. If you want help and it makes you so upset then stop. Simples. Easy for me to say. Most of these kids don't know any better and haven't even hit puberty yet. When this is the case surely it's down to the parents? The kid doesn't go to Asda and buy the chips and crisps.

My feelings turned from annoyance at the kids for being so oblivious to near hatred towards the parents. Surely this is a form of child abuse? Granted, my poster may be slightly light hearted but this is a real issue, not just in the UK but worldwide.

We've all seen the fat kid in school get bullied in the yard and it's not nice. We've seen these kids with dieases and immobile. The parents can stop that but most are sitting on their arse watching Jeremy Kyle and couldn't care less what Jonny learnt at school today.

Just give them an apple instead of cake. Don't like it? Tough. They'll thank you when they're older.

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  1. Just about everything in our life is a matter of choice. Choosing to do the right thing isn't always easy, but it's always the best.
    Keep on telling it!!

  2. haha this kid does :) (me lol)

  3. Haha, hows your work goin mate? Thanks everyone :)


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